lunes, septiembre 18, 2006

Conicet Corruption in Argentina (2005)

Conicet corruption in Argentina A letter from Eduardo R. Saguier, Argentina Dear JUST Response, Re: Corruption in higher education and research On February 16th 2005, Judge Emilia Martha Garcia suspended elections in CONICET, Argentina's national research council. The issue concerns an institution whose main concern is to promote scientific research. Within its rank and file there are more than five thousand researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines, including the social sciences, distributed along five different scales. Their authorities are named by the national executive power, with the exception of only four members of the Body of Directors who are elected by the researchers. These four members are extremely powerful, they are removed by halves each year and they represent the four chief scientific areas of the institution. Those four members also have the right to choose the coordinators of each one of the almost thirty scientific committees, who have the responsibility to assess or evaluate the yearly reports of each researcher. Those coordinators also become part of the Qualifications Committee or Junta de Calificaciones and have the responsibility of promoting the rank and file of the institution. This method of promotion is completely unfair because the members of the Qualification Committee act as both judge and interested party. The electoral method by which these four members are elected is essentially fraudulent. It does not allow the representation of minorities following the nasty rule that “the winner takes all”. Moreover, the right to vote and be elected is fragmented by geographic regions, by age status, and by discipline. Those members who belong to the two first scales of its bureaucratic hierarchy are not allowed to present themselves. The end result of this anti-constitutional legislation is a scientific community almost completely divided, with a high rate of electoral absenteeism and without any communication among themselves. Eduardo R. Saguier 3955 - Buenos Aires Argentina Note: This letter was published by JUST Response on March 12 2005. 02.03.05 ELECCIONES – ULTIMA NOTICIA Se suspende el proceso electoralEl doctor Eduardo Charreau se dirige a los integrantes de la comunidad científica del Conicet, para informar sobre la suspensión del proceso electoral Señores integrantes de la Comunidad Científica de esteConsejo Nacional En mi carácter de Presidente del Conicet, pongo en vuestro conocimiento que, dando cumplimiento a la decisión adoptada por la señora Juez Federal del Juzgado Contencioso Administrativo Federal Nº 9, doctora Emilia Martha García, en los autos “SAGUIER EDUARDO RICARDO C/EN-CONICET S/MEDIDA CAUTELAR AUTÓNOMA”, se ha procedido a suspender el proceso electoral para la renovación de autoridades. El Conicet ha recurrido la resolución de la Magistrada, quien deberá expedirse a la brevedad, a fin de que se revoque la suspensión dispuesta y se pueda continuar con total normalidad el proceso electoral. Dr. Eduardo Charreau


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